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Together with my boyfriend Hiếu (pronounce almost like Hugh), we will privately guide you through a delicious exploration of Việt vegan cuisine.
For 4 years, we've been deeply inspired by the plant-based diet introduced to us by our Yoga teacher Sadhguru.
We're also passionate about using food as a medium to teach people about our culture and history through stories from a Saigonese perspective.


I'm Hiếu

Since 2017, we've spent a lot of times developed connections to make this become a one of a kind experience for vegan travellers coming to Sài Gòn!
Our tour is top rated on Airbnb in 2019/20 but we're always finding new ways to improve and make it more unique!

I'm Spring

We carefully curated for vegans guests but even hardcore carnivores also find this enjoyable & worth their while 🙂 If you don't have time for our tour, just hit us up anyway to get our very best recommendations & a few time-tested Vegan insider tips.


Saigon Walking Tours

Every month we produce walking tours of Viet nam. If you have a suggestion where we should go next please let us know.

      My wife and I enjoyed spending an evening with this delightful couple getting to know Ho Chi Minh City a bit better and eatings all sorts of interesting vegan foods. Between each food stamp there was a 5 to 10 minute walk that was interesting and filled with delightful stories. At the end of the night it felt both sacred and special as we said goodbye to each other.

    thumb Steven

      You won't be disappointed.

    thumb Elena

      Excellent experience. Spring and Hieu showed my husband and I a unique and special evening around Saigon. We tried many dishes and enjoyed learning about Vietnamese life and history as well as their personal backgrounds. We also got to practice speaking some helpful Vietnamese words. The conversation flowed easily and enjoyably and the dishes were all very tasty. It was also fun to walk between the different districts so we could work up an appetite between the myriad of dishes we tried. Thank you for a special evening!

    thumb Natasha


We've we crafted a Saigon Vegan Tour over a number of years. We offer a two types; Walking or Scooter. We do a morning tour and also an evening tour 7 days a week. The morning tour will take in a restaurant, then some street food, followed by some coffee, it't then time for more food and drink and finally some traditional Vietnamese deserts. The evening tour will highlight the delicious vegan street food Saigon has to offer and we can swap out the coffee for a cold beer.



Photo Tour

Skip the hotel tour and forget the laminated tourist/Instagram traps  Book an insider photography tour with me, Hieu, a Saigon native and someone who knows Saigon like the back of my hand. Think of me as the location scouts. Let’s check out some traditional sights then visit some markets, if your looking for the an Allan Schaller lady in conical hat (Non La) on stairs we can help. We'll capture street art, and local food and some of the most photo friendly people you will ever meet. 

Cooking class

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