Hẻm Hào Sĩ Phường: Exploring Saigon’s 100-Year-Old Apartment Alley.⁣

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View this post on Instagram Tết ở Hào Sĩ Phường #saigon #tetholiday #haosiphuong . A post shared by Hoàng Nguyễn (@hoangrapherx) on Feb 10, 2019 at 6:34am PST ✎ Best Time to Visit: Daytime from 8am to 4pm.⁣⁣➟ The community is a mix of Vietnamese, Chinese and Chinese-Vietnamese. Everywhere you look, there’s influence from Vietnam’s neighbors to the north. ⁣⁣In … Read More

How to cross the road in Vietnam in 8 easy steps:⁣ 😉

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View this post on Instagram The population of Ho Chi Minh City is 13 million by 2019. Approximately 200,000 people migrate here each year. With the largest population in Vietnam, along with 9 million motorbikes not counting public transport, Ho Chi Minh city’s traffic during rush hour is always a nightmare for locals, but this is also a special attraction … Read More