How to cross the road in Vietnam in 8 easy steps:⁣ 😉

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The population of Ho Chi Minh City is 13 million by 2019. Approximately 200,000 people migrate here each year. With the largest population in Vietnam, along with 9 million motorbikes not counting public transport, Ho Chi Minh city’s traffic during rush hour is always a nightmare for locals, but this is also a special attraction of the city. Often referred to as “organized chaos”, for visitors, rush hour is like a unique picture that they will definitely never see in their country. Although the traffic here is really like a mess, driving a motorbike is always the most convenient and interesting way. You can admire the whole city, explore every corner of Saigon. Let XO help you experience the traffic here. Book our fun tour at Picture source: Gettyimages #xotours #xotoursvietnam #saigon #saigontours #experiencevietnam #xofun #scootertours #mopedtours #motorbiketours #amazingsaigon #vietnamnow #saigontraffic #vietnamtraffic #picoftheday #art #motorbike #travel #travelphotography

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1- First up, survey your surroundings. Remember that traffic in Vietnam drives on the right-hand side of the road (this is particularly important for our Australian, New Zealand and United Kingdom friends).⁣

2- Spend a moment or two gauging what the traffic is doing; if you’re at a roundabout – a particularly tricky place for pedestrians – see who has right of way and which way the traffic is going (it’s not uncommon for cars, trucks and bikes to go the WRONG way around). There’s method to the madness on the roads here; it does start to make sense after a while.⁣

3- When you can see that the road is relatively bike/car/scooter-free, step out. Don’t be alarmed if the bikes/cars/scooters driving towards you don’t appear to be slowing down; like sands through the hourglass, they’ll move around you (though they may also honk wildly at you too).⁣

4- Keep walking – with conviction – slowing down if necessary as the traffic flows around you.⁣

5- DO NOT STOP, DO NOT RUN, DO NOT STEP BACKWARDS! Any sudden movements will only mess with the ‘system’.⁣

6- Keep your head up, eyes open, and wits about you.⁣

7- Go slow, speed up, slow down.⁣

8- Step confidently onto the footpath and continue on your merry way.⁣


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